About Us


  • Malik and Malik Limited was founded by Malik Nazeer and Malik Saleem. And is one of the leading immigration firms in the United Kingdom. Both attended North Westminster Community School in Marylebone and the University of Westminster.
  • Growing up in the UK from the 1980s both partners have witnessed the Iran/Iraq conflict as well as the late Afghanistan and Iraq wars the partners have had an interest in key policy making and immigration benefiting from multiple languages and they have been one of the first immigration firms to assist foreigners and immigrants.
  • The first office was opened on 1st September 1997 and is situated in 230 High Road, Willesden, and worked with various authorities such as the Refugee councils, Home Office departments and local Public offices.


New Opening of Office

  • It has expanded in the year 2012 to 234-236 High Road, Willesden and has branches across the United Kingdom.
  • Malik and Malik has served the Asian community in the UK, with specialisation in Immigration and Criminal matters over the years.
  • From the late 1990’s it was able to deal with an influx of Afghani refugees and has liaised with experts on issues relating to Afghani immigrants.
  • Malik and Malik has dealt with and is still taking cases that have involved;
    • Warlords
    • Criminal International Gangsters
    • Drug (street value of £500k)
    • Human Traffickers and Modern Day Slavery
    • Governmental Figures (Currently supporting a Minister of Education from Afghanistan)
    • High ranking Police and Army Officers


Our Vision:

  • We are now expanding into; Civil Litigation and Business Immigration. We realise that trading over the decades our clients who initially came to us as immigrants have families, businesses and disputes. They would like us to provide and extend our services to them.
  • We pride in assisting walk in clients and solve issues relating to welfare and family. Most of our clients have maintained a relationship of loyalty over the years to the firm. For those reasons we would like to broaden and tailor our services to the communities we represent and to assist them further.

Our Values:

  • We are here to help shape a better multicultural society and help minorities and immigrants integrate and to contribute into British society.
  • To maintain high standards and ensure quality in the most economical and productive way to our clients.


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    Business Immigration

    This area of law is very complex and strict area of immigration. Our experts and business department

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    International Students

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    Malik Nazeer is the spear head of the department. Led by a team of barristers and QC's. Taken on hig

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    Immigration Surgery

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    Landlord and Tenant

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