How to Apply:

We are looking for the following candidates to fulfil our vacancies as a Caseworker in the Immigration department at Malik and Malik Solicitors;

You may need to work across two sites on a part time basis with an outlook to work full time. This is to assess your suitability at our offices.

Key Duties:

  • You will need to have good knowledge of how the Higher Education system works in the UK  this needs to be in line with UKBA guidelines of student applications. You will generally be advising potential clients on visit and study visas.
  • You will have to book clients from a register. You will have to prepare or make notes about a consultation and book the right solicitor for them.
  • You must be able to acknowledge emails and respond appropriately within time deadlines. You must be able to understand the nature of enquires and if need be ask the enquirer for clarification regarding their questions before their consultation time.
  • To advise and consult potential clients of the immigration procedure, you will have to liaise beforehand with different departments of the firm and make detailed notes of questions and answers.
  • Under supervision you must be able to help process applications and inform clients of the legal procedure and give them regular updates.
  • You will have to register clients on a separate database called LOLA from our ticketing register.
  • You will have to produce reports on the number of consultations made and their feedback. To produce statistics over the week and month to the supervisors.
  • You may have to work outside of normal working office hours to accommodate different time zones.



  • Must have sound knowledge of legal services in the following areas of law; Immigration, Family and Crime.
  • Speak, Read and write in English and Mandarin OR Indonesian OR Malaysian
  • Knowledge of using Word and Excel processor, to be able to prepare documentation and produce reports. Must be computer literate.


  • Able to use Word Press and data input, able to make changes to our blog and news feed page on the Malik and Malik site.
  • Have previous or practical experience in administration office.
  • To work in a team and be enthusiastic about civil liberties, human rights and education.

Please apply via our email address with your CV and cover letter.

We wish you the best with your application.


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